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Covered California Agent Leads

Covered California Agent Leads

Covered California Agent Leads

Welcome to Claremont Insurance Services’ Covered California Agent Lead Program page. This page is your dedicated resource for the lead program. You may want to bookmark it.

To start the lead program, please follow these steps:

  1. Download and review the Fact Sheet (to the right). This will provide you with information on the common issues that occur when individuals apply online and how to resolve.
  2. Download and review the “How To Guide” (to the right). This provides step-by-step instructions on how your lead should select and designate you as their agent (once you have determined that they do not currently have an agent). If you have any difficulties with the delegation process, Covered California has set up a dedicated phone line:  1-855-857-0448
  3. Download and review the “Column Header Definitions” (to the right). This explains some of the less obvious data that will be in your lead list spreadsheet, but that you will find helpful as background information before you begin contacting your leads.
  4. We will send you two leads to start with. Please contact the leads within one day. Keep in mind that these consumers may not be expecting a call or contact about their application.
  5. Covered California is relying on you to determine if the lead already has a relationship with another agent and have suggested the following script:

“Do you have an insurance agent who has helped you with health benefits in the past?”If “Yes” –  “Would you like to continue working with that agent?”
If “Yes” again – “Can you please tell me the name of that agent?  I will try to have him/her contact you as soon as possible.
If “No” – “Okay, then I’d like to help you today if that is alright with you.

  • If there is an agent relationship, please stop pursuing that lead, get as much information as you can about their agent, email that information to our program manager, Veronika Bekov, and she will provide you with a replacement lead.
  • Please update the status of your leads as you make progress, but no later than the close of business each Thursday. To do this follow the link that was in the email “Covered California Lead Assignments.”

Best of luck with your leads! Additional leads will be allocated to you based on your progress in working the original leads.

Questions about the leads program? Please contact Veronika Bekov at (925) 296-8819 or

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