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Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Knowledge is power. When you receive timely market intelligence you can generate more opportunities and better serve your clients. But it’s difficult to gather and analyze market information on your own. You know what the trends are with your book, but where can you receive unbiased market intelligence that will help you grow your business?

Claremont has developed a Market Intelligence Service for brokers to gain unique insights into their market. Two components of MIS are Market-at-a-Glance and Quote Trends, services that provide you with the knowledge you need to stay current with the marketplace and keep far ahead of your competition.

Market-at-a-Glance gives you an easy-to-view snapshot of the entire marketplace, including carriers, plans, features, and costs. It’s the easiest way possible to get powerful competitive intelligence and ensure that you remain a trusted partner to your clients.

Quote Trends gives you a quick, simple look into the popularity of plans in your market, including the 25 most frequently quoted plans. You’ll know instantly if a particular plan is gaining favor or starting to lose steam.

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