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Quote Trends

Quote Trends

Your clients are often looking for plans that are accepted and established in their community. You know what plans you quote, but what are other brokers quoting in your area? How do you stay current when plans fluctuate in popularity on a frequent basis?

Claremont’s Quote Trends is a free service that helps address this challenge.  Quote Trends provides a quick and easy-to-view snapshot of the popularity of plans in your market: for any county, you see the top 25 most frequently quoted plans, along with an indicator of any change in popularity.

How Quote Trends helps you succeed:

  • Make compelling plan recommendations with confidence
  • Anticipate what other brokers may recommend to your client
  • See which plans are gaining in popularity
  • Uncover plans you may want to incorporate into your portfolio

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Click here for an example report, with six pointers on how to get the most out of it.

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