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2016 HR, Benefits & Payroll Technology Survey

2016 HR, Benefits & Payroll Technology Survey

2016 HR, Benefits & Payroll Technology Survey, Industry News,

Get Valuable Employer Insights to Increase Sales

How well do you know the technology needs of your prospects and clients?
Are they actively looking at new HR, benefits and payroll solutions? Are they considering technology-centered brokers, like Zenefits and Gusto? Is your current solution meeting their needs?

To start, you need to understand employers’ needs and wants.
What are your prospects and clients thinking and feeling about HR, benefits and payroll technology solutions? Are they ready to make a change? What challenges are they trying to solve?

HR Technology Advisors has developed a solution to provide you with the knowledge you need — The 2016 HR, Benefits and Payroll Technology Survey.

Simply invite your clients and prospects to participate. View every response in real-time. And get the valuable report, packed with actionable insights and market intelligence, to develop a successful sales and service strategy. Sharing this timely report with your clients and prospects will give them invaluable knowledge about their peers.

Participate in The Survey to:

  • Demonstrate true HR, benefits, and technology expertise.
  • Increase sales by taking immediate action on new opportunities.
  • Strengthen existing relationships.
  • Gain valuable market intelligence for a competitive advantage.

You’ll get:

  • A branded (your logo) email template to easily invite employers to take the survey.
  • A branded (your logo) dedicated survey link to distribute to employers.
  • Real-time access to your employers’ responses.
  • A branded (your logo) survey report with data analysis, key findings, and trends to share with your clients and prospects.

Be Prepared for Threats and Opportunities

Become more informed about your clients and prospects by taking advantage of the 2016 HR, Benefits, and Payroll Technology Survey. To learn more, download this brochure.

The normal broker fee to distribute an unlimited number of surveys and reports is $495. Claremont is offering a substantial discount for our customers. Your cost is only $345 if you act now. The deadline to register is October 10.

Act Now!

This may be the best investment you make!


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