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The Anthem Cyber Attack – How it May Impact Your Clients

The Anthem Cyber Attack – How it May Impact Your Clients

We want to inform you that records of some Blue Shield of California members may have been compromised.

If Blue Shield of California members have accessed their health benefits outside of California, they may be impacted by the data breach. Have those members do the following:

  • Read the Blue Shield FAQs.
  • Review Anthem’s latest information at
  • Call Anthem’s hotline at 877.263.7995, and look for Anthem’s official notification by U.S. postal service, if their information was accessed during this cyber attack.
  • Be cautious of any attempts to obtain plan coverage information or personal data such as credit card, social security, date-of-birth, etc. There have been reports of phishing schemes designed to steal member information by attempting to charge fees and offer unauthorized identity theft protection.
    – Do not provide any information or respond to an email or phone call.
    – Do not click on any links or open any attachments in an email.
    – Always go directly to

Anthem is providing two years of free identity protection and credit monitoring services to all current or former members (from 2004 on). Those impacted will receive notification from Anthem, by U.S. postal service, in the coming weeks.

To learn more visit or call 877.263.7995 for assistance. We will provide updates as they become available.

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