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Blue Shield’s Easier New Sales Submissions

Blue Shield’s Easier New Sales Submissions

Blue Shield’s Easier New Sales Submissions, Carrier News,

To make sales submissions easier for you and your small group clients, Blue Shield is implementing the following changes:

  • Individual coverage will be accepted as a valid waiver beginning with October 1, 2018, effective dates. Employees waiving group coverage due to individual coverage do not count against the group participation requirement.
  • Through March 2019, new groups will be accepted with as few as 25% of eligible employees (5 minimum) enrolled.
  • Trio HMO may be offered within any Blue Shield of California small group plan package.
  • The deposit check may be as low as 25% of the first month’s premium due.
  • No DE9C required for groups of five or more enrolling in medical plans.*

To learn more, download Blue Shield’s Small Group Underwriting Guidelines.

You can also check your new groups’ application status online by visiting Blue Shield’s Broker Connection. Select “New Group Submission Status” from the Small Business (1-100) drop-down menu.


Visit Blue Shield’s Broker Connection to learn more.

Contact your Claremont team at 800.696.4543 or


*Some restrictions apply. Ask our small group experts for details.



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