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Blue Shield – Simplify Business with “No More DE9C’s”

Blue Shield – Simplify Business with “No More DE9C’s”

Blue Shield – Simplify Business with “No More DE9C’s”, Blue Shield of California 1-100,

To help you easily onboard new groups and manage renewals, Blue Shield has launched their “No More DE9C’s” promotion and announced several upcoming enhancements to simplify enrollment for small businesses.

“No More DE9C’s” Promotion

For effective dates of August 1, 2016, through February 1, 2017, Blue Shield no longer requires small groups to provide a DE9C* if they:

  • Enroll at least 10 employees with Blue Shield;
  • Have prior coverage; and
  • Submit a completed attestation form and their prior carrier’s bill upon the group’s submission. (After July 1, download the Attestation form on Producer Connection).

A DE9C may be required if the prior carrier bill differs from enrollment by more or less than 10%. Payroll may be required if an enrolling individual is not listed on the prior carrier bill. Underwriting reserves the right to request a DE9C from all small businesses if necessary.

A DE9C will be required for the following:

  • Start-up groups;
  • Small businesses with 1-9 enrolling employees; and
  • Small businesses without prior coverage.

Standalone Specialty Benefit plans do not require a DE9C.

Upcoming Enhancements and Resources

Launching This Summer:

  • Enhanced pre-enrollment system to easily access Q4 pre-enrollment materials.
    In the interim, create Q3 2016 pre-enrollment kits with this self-service tool. Download plan benefit summaries and disclosures on Producer Connection.
  • Small group (1-100) rate tables for all plans and all regions.
  • Q4 cycle materials.
  • Post-enrollment materials.

Additional Resources

Contact your Claremont team at 800.696.4543 or

*The DE9C is the quarterly wage and withholding report for California employers.



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