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Blue Shield Q4-2019 Renewal Kits

Blue Shield Q4-2019 Renewal Kits

Blue Shield Q4-2019 Renewal Kits, Carrier News,

Fourth-Quarter Renewal Kits Will Include a New “More Options” Section for Dental and Vision Plans, Plus:

  • New census section that presents different dental and vision plan options for each group’s renewal. This feature is similar to the “Choice Chart” for medical plans and provides quoting for the dental or vision plan options presented. Check out this example census section.
  • Specialty Bundled Savings Discount Program
    Groups adding dental or vision coverage to their existing Blue Shield medical plans receive 10% savings on premiums, effective dates starting January 1, 2019. Download the flyer to learn more.
  • Small Business Specialty Bonus Program
    Earn more from your clients enrolling in dental, vision or life plans (June 1, 2019, through January 31, 2020, effective or renewal dates):

    • $10 for each new member enrolled in a small business dental plan.
    • $5 for each new member enrolled in a small business vision plan.
    • $5 for each new member enrolled in a small business life plan.
    • $40 per member enrolled in all three: dental, vision, and life.
    • Download the flyer to learn more.
  • The life insurance Quick Match Program™ is available to new and existing small business groups adding life insurance with 10-100 eligible employees. Download the Quick Match Program flyer.


  • Relaxed Participation guidelines apply through the end of 2019, requiring only 25% employee participation with a minimum of five enrolled employees for medical plans. Relaxed participation requirements include vision and dental plans as well when purchased with a medical plan.
  • Minimum participation requirements are waived for groups selecting Trio plans only.
  • Part of the employer contribution rule is being eliminated. Previously, groups had to choose either a percentage or a dollar amount but could not mix them. Groups can now contribute a percentage for an employee and a dollar amount for dependents, or vice versa.
  • Enrollment Spreadsheet includes both the Master Group Applications and Employee Enrollment information for reduced processing time (new business only).
  • Take advantage of Blue Shield’s partnership with Ease for faster and more accurate processing (new business only).


Visit Blue Shield’s Broker Connection to learn more.

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