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Broker Commissions

Broker Commissions

Click on the carriers below to view their commission schedules:

Allied Benefit Suite Commission

Beam Commissions

BSCA Commissions

Download the Blue Shield Commission Schedule.

Choice Builder Commissions

Download the Choice Builder Commission Schedule.

CCSB Commissions

The sole factor to determine the applicable commission schedule for all groups is the number of enrolled employees in the employer group at the time the employer group enrolls in coverage through Covered California for Small Business.

Humana Commissions

Download the Humana Commission Schedule.

MetLife Commissions

Download the MetLife Commission Schedule.

Principal Commissions

Download the Principal Commission Schedule.

Reliance Standard Commissions

Download the Reliance Standard Commission Schedule.

TASC Commission

Download the TASC Commission Schedule.

UHC Commissions

Download the UnitedHealthcare Commission Schedule.

Please Note:
• The enrolled employee count is re-evaluated at each renewal.
• Existing cases that have effective dates before January 1, 2016, will remain on the commission schedule that is in effect as of their original effective date.

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