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Capitalize on Choice Builder’s 2016 Ancillary Benefits

Capitalize on Choice Builder’s 2016 Ancillary Benefits

Capitalize on Choice Builder’s 2016 Ancillary Benefits, Carrier News,

Offer employers with 2-199 employees the premier dental, vision, chiropractic and life carriers – all in one program. Best of all, you can optimize sales by tailoring programs to your clients’ needs.

Choice Builder® updates

Ameritas PPO Platinum

  • 2-199 employees (ER p.) – no wait for major services.
  • Voluntary – 6 month wait for major services.
  • 100/75/75 plan benefit, IN and OUT of network (OON).
  • $50 deductible IN network, $100 deductible OON.
  • Deductible waived for preventative services, IN and OON.
  • $2,000 annual maximum.
  • Very strong 80th percentile UCR OON.
  • Largest PPO network in California.
  • Rates discounted on employer sponsored plans, groups of 5 plus!
  • Dental Rewards® carry over program below.

Ameritas Group Dental Rewards®

Members who visit the dentist and use only a portion of their annual maximum benefit in a year are rewarded with additional benefits for the following year. Based on the plan selected, members can earn additional money toward their next year’s annual maximum benefit – if they use less than half of the annual maximum, they can increase their next year’s coverage by $250 and earn an additional $100 to $150 if they visit a network provider. For more information on Dental Rewards, visit
Dental Rewards® is a registered
service mark of Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. and is used with permission.

Choice Builder 2016

Important Sales Facts

  • Delta Dental Products: 3 year rate guarantee if sold in 2015, 2 year rate guarantee if sold in 2016.
  • Delta “Premier Network” is available on Delta Platinum PPO (Gold uses normal PPO network).
  • 2-199 lives with no wait on major services, even for virgin groups.
  • Husband/wife groups are okay. Need: separate enrollment, business checking account, and federal tax ID (not SSN).
  • DE-9 not required.
  • Full voluntary portfolio for groups of 5-199.
  • 10% flat commission for the life of the policy.
  • 24 hour quote turnaround.

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