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Beam Dental

Beam Dental

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Beam® is a dental benefits company that offers employers, individuals, and families a fundamentally unique approach to dental care by pricing according to how often members brush their teeth. Members of Beam SmartPremiums™ plans are provided a connected toothbrush alongside an accompanying app that provides coaching for dental hygiene and tracks user engagement. Automatic shipments of replacement toothpaste and floss are sent to members quarterly.

Beam offers an array of dental benefits plan designs to meet the needs of employers of all sizes. Brokers may add Vision Service Plan (VSP) coverage that is supported by Beam’s simple and easy to use plan management tools.

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New Business Submittal Deadlines

Friday, August 7
Tuesday, September 8

Beam Dental

Beam® Perks: Each member of a Beam SmartPremiums™ plan receives a smart electric toothbrush, and a supply of toothpaste and floss. Every quarter members receive replacement brush heads, floss, and a new tube of paste. An iOS or Android app keeps track of usage.

With Beam, employers gain more control over the cost of their dental premium. The aggregated users’ records are used as the basis for setting the annual premium.

Beam’s Lighthouse contract management portal helps keep the employer’s administration easy. Employee benefits management, invoices, and plan information are all at the click of a button.

Beam brings a better experience through technology, prevention, and a better member experience

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New Groups

Claremont Insurance is here to assist you by providing carrier and product information, plan quotes and comparisons, employer presentations, open enrollment assistance and more for a variety of products offered by California's premier insurance carriers.

Plan summaries, enrolment and change forms, and information about Beam® and our other carriers are always available through Claremont. You can request materials online at or call our broker service representatives Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 800.696.4543.

If you are ready to enroll your group in a Beam plan, please click the Forms tab for a checklist of required paperwork.

Please note that the submission of all required paperwork, each filled out completely, aids in expediting the underwriting process. We look forward to receiving your enrollment forms and working with you to see your small group business placed.

Thank you for choosing Claremont Insurance Services.

Please submit your new group enrollment information to Claremont:

  • Electronically with our secure online service OR
  • By mail: 1000 Burnett Avenue, Suite 440, Concord, CA 94520.

Business Hours: 8 am to 5 pm, Monday - Friday

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