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Colonial Life

Colonial Life

Colonial Life is committed to helping working Americans understand and appreciate the benefits available to them through the workplace and select the benefits they need to protect their families and lifestyles. Colonial offers a broad portfolio of personal insurance products including disability, accident, life, cancer, critical illness and hospital confinement coverage.

Colonial Life

Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company is a market leader in providing benefits solutions that make benefits count for employers and their employees alike.

Headquartered in Columbia, S.C, and founded in 1939, Colonial Life offers a broad line of personal insurance products including disability, accident, life, cancer, critical illness, and hospital confinement.

Voluntary benefits complement – not replace – an employer’s core benefits program. Sometimes called supplemental insurance, voluntary benefits allow employees to choose the benefits that best meet their individual and family needs.

Voluntary Benefit Solutions: Colonial's products focus on four areas of protection:


  • Hospital Confinement Indemnity Insurance
  • Accident Insurance

Income Protection

  • Disability Insurance

Catastrophic Illness

  • Cancer Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance

Survivor Benefits

  • Term & Cash Value Life Insurance

Hospital Confinement Indemnity Insurance - provides hospital confinement with outpatient surgery coverage to help offset copayments and deductibles not covered by most major medical plans.

Accident Insurance - helps offset direct and indirect expenses resulting from an accident such as copayments, deductibles and other costs not covered by traditional health plans.

Disability Insurance - provides income to help offset the financial losses that result when employees are unable to work due to injury or illness; available through a variety of short- and long-term disability plans.

Cancer & Critical Illness Insurance - help pay the direct and indirect costs of cancer and other critical illnesses such as heart attacks and strokes. These plans offer screening benefits that encourage regular health exams.

Life Insurance - helps provide financial security for family members. Colonial's term, universal and whole life plans allow employees to tailor their protection to help meet their individual needs.

Information on Colonial Supplemental Insurance is available by contacting Claremont Insurance Services at 800.696.4543 or

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