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Claremont Chosen by Covered California for Small Business as General Agency Partner

Claremont Chosen by Covered California for Small Business as General Agency Partner

Claremont Chosen by Covered California for Small Business as General Agency Partner, Carrier News,

Claremont Insurance Services is proud to announce that after an extensive review process, Covered California for Small Business (CCSB) has selected Claremont as a statewide general agency partner. Claremont has been a dedicated CCSB partner since the exchange launched in 2014.

Covered California for Small Business is the state exchange where small businesses, those with 1-100 employees, can purchase group healthcare insurance and offer their employees the choice of six statewide and local carriers. Only businesses that purchase their healthcare through CCSB are eligible for a healthcare tax credit that can decrease the financial burden of offering health coverage to employees.

Covered California for Small Business recently expanded its plan selection to include full network PPO plans and a cost-effective local HMO network called Trio ACO HMO from Blue Shield of California. The expansion of the Kaiser network to serve employees in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties will improve CCSB’s reach. These new plans will enable more businesses in California to offer coverage where their employees live and work.

“Covered California for Small Business provides agents with a solution to uniquely meet their clients’ need to offer cost-effective healthcare coverage that supports the health of their employees” said Michael Traynor, President of Claremont. “In an otherwise slow-growth market, exchanges have grown rapidly since we began offering certified agent training seminars in 2013. Agents realize that CCSB delivers unique value to their small group clients through the healthcare tax credit and employee-only coverage, both of which are only available through CCSB.”

Kirk Whelan, Director of Individual and Small Business Outreach and Sales, said, “We are excited to renew our contract with Claremont. Claremont has strong relationships with agents in California. They are a strategic partner, having helped tremendously with the launch and initial growth phase of CCSB. We value their knowledge of the small group market to help new agents learn about the benefits of our products. The expansion of our portfolio means that CCSB will now offer coverage options for more business owners and employees in California.”

About Covered California for Small Business
Covered California is the state’s marketplace for the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Small businesses can purchase competitively priced health insurance plans and offer their employees the ability to choose from an array of plans and may qualify for federal tax credits. Covered California is an independent part of the state government whose job is to make the market work for California’s consumers. It is overseen by a five-member board appointed by the Governor and the Legislature. For more information about Covered California, please visit

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