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Covered California for Small Business Marketing Q4-2016 and 2017

Covered California for Small Business Marketing Q4-2016 and 2017

Covered California for Small Business Marketing Q4-2016 and 2017, Covered California for Small Business,

To boost awareness, educate and inform employers, and generate leads for agents, Covered California for Small Business (CCSB) is launching a comprehensive marketing campaign in Q4-2016 and early 2017. Use the links below to download CCSB’s new marketing resources for agents to promote your business and attract new clients.

The Covered California for Small Business Campaign Includes:

  • Lead nurturing email campaigns targeted to small employers highlighting the employer control, choice, and flexibility found in Covered California’s small business program.
  • “We Are for You” radio, print and digital ad campaigns. Check out the ad banners: Control, Choice, and Tax Credit.
  • Social media program with Facebook and Twitter posts emphasizing employee choice, employer control; quality, name brand health plans, and a one-stop shop for employers and individuals.

Marketing Resources for Agents:

  • Social Media Tool Kit
    Get valuable tricks, tips, and examples of how to best communicate with your prospects and clients on Facebook and Twitter.
  • YouTube Channel
    Repurpose and share these videos with your social media audiences to educate and inform employers about the opportunities available through the small business marketplace.
  • Website
    Access the latest news and important announcements to stay current and share information with your customers.
  • Small Business Tool Kit
    Better engage small businesses with updated print materials, presentation decks, orientation videos, logos and branding guides, and more.

For questions concerning CCSB’s marketing materials, contact them at 844.332.8384 or

Check out CCSB’s exciting Q1-2017 network enhancement and expanded coverage choices, unavailable in the other exchange.

Start Quoting Now!
Rates for Q1 are now available for small groups (1-100 employees). And there is still time to submit groups for December.

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