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Early Renewal Savings Extended to August 15

Early Renewal Savings Extended to August 15

Early Renewal Savings Extended to August 15, Carrier News,

Did you miss the early renewal deadline to lock in lower rates? If you didn’t submit your form yet, you’re in luck. Blue Shield is offering a two-week extension.

Your small groups can save as much as 10% all year by simply changing their renewal date from Q4 to September. To lock in these savings, submit the Blue Shield change form by August 15.

Late submission allowance caveats:

  • Invoices may reflect old rates if they are generated before the renewal date rate change is processed in Blue Shield’s system.
  • If members make any plan changes as part of the renewal date change, their claims may need to be reprocessed under the new benefits if claims are submitted prior to the renewal date change being processed.
  • ID cards under the old renewal date may be issued if the presumptive renewal is processed before the renewal date change is processed.

Savings Example

In San Francisco, employers offering Blue Shield’s most popular Silver plan, the Silver Full PPO 1250/40, will potentially save 9.9% by changing their renewal from Q4 to September. How does it work?

  • If the employer waits to renew in Q4 2016, the rate will increase by 10.3%
  • If the employer early renews in September, the rate will increase only 0.4%.
  • By renewing early, this employer will save 9.9%*.

It’s a Win-Win

  • Your clients save money.
  • You have more time to focus on your Q3 and Q4 clients.
  • Use this information to show value to your prospects.

Ready to Take Action?

  1. If we haven’t contacted you yet, email us and tell us you’d like to know more about early renewals.
  2. We’ll show you the plans and regions where your clients and prospects may benefit from early renewal.
  3. Provide us with a census and we’ll help you compare September vs. Q4 for each client.
  4. Discuss with your client.
  5. Complete the one-page Blue Shield change form and submit it to Blue Shield before August 15. 

Contact your Claremont team at 800.696.4543 or

*Savings may be less depending on how many employees “age up” between the last renewal and September.



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