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Ease Webinar – Active vs Passive Enrollment: Active Wins

Ease Webinar – Active vs Passive Enrollment: Active Wins

Ease Webinar – Active vs Passive Enrollment: Active Wins, Industry News,

Join Ease CEO David Reid on Tuesday, December 17 at 11:30 am PT, as he shares tips on how you can surpass your commission goals and deliver the right benefits for your client’s changing needs.

Traditionally, the industry used passive enrollment to reduce administrative tasks because manually building new benefit plans, and presenting them each year was too complicated and time-consuming.

What many didn’t realize is that Passive Enrollment isn’t the best for employers, employees, or brokers. Over time, Passive Enrollment often results in employees not having the appropriate coverage and almost always leads to lower client loyalty and lost opportunities. Today, conducting an active enrollment is streamlined with Ease.

During this webinar, Ease will discuss the benefits of conducting an Active Enrollment for you, your groups, and their employees, and how using an Active Enrollment strategy helps increase your commission and diversify your offerings.

Learn How Ease Can Help You:

  • Recruit and retain groups.
  • Present more flexible, customizable plan offerings.
  • Simplify Active Enrollment with technology.
  • Position yourself as the go-to benefits expert.

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The Ease Marketplace is equipped with products, technology solutions, and resources to help you stay ahead of industry trends, defend against new competitors, and build a robust HR offering.


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