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Are you overwhelmed with the amount of work required to quote, enroll, and renew clients? Are your clients asking to enroll or manage changes online? Are you losing clients or opportunities to brokers with online solutions?

Claremont’s eQuote-to-Enrollment service seamlessly integrates the leading online quoting and benefits administration platforms with a carrier’s enrollment system to provide you and your clients with a highly efficient, virtually paperless way to quote and enroll in small group coverage.

How does it work?

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To get started, simply complete the Intake Form and contact us at 800.696.4543 or


Why Claremont Insurance Services?

Claremont is dedicated to ensuring benefits professionals have access to resources and capabilities that drive more value and improve the purchase and enrollment experience.

Claremont’s Efficient, No-Cost and Convenient eQuote-to-Enrollment Service:

  • Reduces staff time spent on each enrollment and renewal.
  • Minimizes errors by eliminating data transcription of forms.
  • Provides a consumer-friendly online experience for your clients.
  • Speeds enrollment for you and your clients.
  • Frees up your time to better serve small businesses and build your book.

Our Custom Solution Integrates:

Questions? Need assistance?
Check out our eQuote-to-Enrollment FAQs or contact us at 800.696.4543 or  Or complete the Intake Form when you have a group that’s ready to get started.

LimeLight Health

Use LimeLight Health’s real-time, all-in-one interactive quoting platform to add employer groups and upload census information. Then create, share, and finalize the proposal with your client. Upon approval, click to submit your sold quote directly to Ease’s online enrollment platform. Learn more and sign up for LimeLight Health.

Ease’s automated enrollment eliminates the need for expensive, time-consuming, and error-prone paper-based applications — there’s no need to re-enter data! Employees simply enter their personal information and select their plans online. Then you and your general agency monitor the enrollment progress and collect the employer’s application and supporting documents.

With employee benefits and compliance in one central location 24/7, you and your clients can easily manage the group and gain valuable insights. Learn more and view a demo.

To get started with Ease and Claremont, simply fill out the form on this page.


With an extensive variety of top-tier carriers, affordable high-quality statewide coverage (2 full-network PPOs, plus HMOs), valuable savings and flexibility, Covered California for Small Business (CCSB) is the perfect solution for your small groups. Learn more.

The streamlined integration with LimeLight Health and Ease allows your general agency to review applications and supporting documents, and quickly submit them to CCSB. Upon application acceptance, membership materials will be sent to you and/or your client.


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