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Delta Dental Quoting

Employer contribution entered in Dental Contribution under Group Information affects the Delta Dental plans and rates returned. Please be aware that Delta Dental will require groups with 100% employer contribution to have 100% participation.

If you need assistance, please contact our Quotes team at or 800.696.4543.

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Agent Concerns

I’ve been told that Covered California for Small Business is an option only for employers eligible for the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit. Is this correct?

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No, that’s incorrect. Covered California for Small Business is a health insurance marketplace that offers any California small business (1-100 employees) a choice of quality, affordable health insurance from multiple trusted carriers.

A wide range of California employers benefit from the many advantages offered by Covered California for Small Business. Discover the advantages here.

Can Claremont assist agents with clients eligible for the Covered California for Small Business market?

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Claremont Insurance Services is authorized to represent Covered California for Small Business.

As an authorized Covered California for Small Business general agent, Claremont offers you:

I can’t access my Covered California agent portal. Help!

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A number of agents have reported that they can’t access their agent portal. Many of them, it turns out, created two accounts for some reason. There can only be one “certified” account per agent/license #. These agents have been trying to access their clients through a non-certified account. Here’s what to do to check if this is the problem that’s impacting you:

Determine if the account is “certified” by looking at the Certification Status screen. See the screenshot in the link here:

If Certification Status indicates “Certified,” then that’s the account you should use and to avoid confusion you should call the service center (1-877-453-9198) and have the other account deleted.

If Certification Status indicates “Eligible”, as in the screen shot, then that account is not valid, but you shouldn’t delete this “Eligible” account until you have confirmed you have a “certified” account.

If you don’t know the username and password for an account, you will need to call the service center to get the username and get a password reset.

Can I update my Covered California agent profile to indicate I only serve employers (i.e. not individuals?)

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Yes. To update your profile, simply select ‘Employers’, and de-select ‘Individuals/ Families’ in the ‘Clients served’ section.

How does an employer make an Agent-of-Record change in Covered California for Small Business?

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The employer group must write a letter to Covered California and state who their current agent is and who they want their new agent to be. The letter should be dated and signed by an employee of the group who is authorized to make the decision. The letter should be mailed to:

Covered California
P.O. Box 7010
Newport Beach, CA 92658

Do certified enrollment counselors have E&O coverage?

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What is the broker of record (BOR) process in Covered California for Small Business?

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Covered California uses the term agent of record (AOR). A new agent of record is assigned when Covered California receives a notice in writing from the employer designating the new agent of record. Notices should be sent to

On slide 17 of the Compliance Standards section of the training manual, at what point does advising become coaching?

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What slide 17 of the Compliance Standards section of the training manual is explaining is that agents are not allowed to coach the consumer to provide inaccurate information on the application regarding income, residency, immigration status and other eligibility rules.

I share a house with other housemates and I operate my business in my home office. I keep my records in my bedroom. What kind of locking/security measures are required?

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It is best to check with your Errors and Omissions provider for guidance.

Can a Certified Insurance Agent conduct seminars/workshops to provide Covered CA information to groups of people or individuals without becoming a certified educator?

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