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The Top 20 Lowest Cost ACA Plans – Small Group

The Top 20 Lowest Cost ACA Plans – Small Group

Healthcare reform forced the standardization of medical plan design for transparent cost comparison. In 2015, all small group medical plans must comply with the metal tier leveling by actuarial value, and 19 rating region distribution for California. Based on these criteria, we’ve developed a report for you to see the most cost effective plans by region.

Use the Top 20 Lowest Cost Plans Report to:

  • Quickly compare the least expensive plans by cost, metal tier, and rating region in California.
  • Acquire new business by offering prospects visible cost savings. Qualify a prospect’s willingness to purchase coverage by illustrating the lowest cost plans available in their region.
  • Bypass your competition with powerful market intelligence.

This updated report features Q4 2015 premiums. To easily compare the lowest cost plans, download the free report that includes all 19 California regions. For a sample report of Region 1: 22 North State and Mid-Sierra Counties; and Region 2: Napa, Sonoma, Solano and Marin Counties, click the image below.

Top 20 Lowest Cost Plans: Regions 1 and 2


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