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Optimize Sales with UnitedHealthcare

Optimize Sales with UnitedHealthcare

Optimize Sales with UnitedHealthcare, Carrier News,

Several popular carriers are drastically increasing prices, changing plan designs, reducing benefits, and re-certifying groups who do not meet eligibility. The solution for those groups — UnitedHealthcare (UHC), the largest national carrier with the largest provider network trusted by major corporations throughout the country.

Why UnitedHealthcare:

To learn more, download our UHC Highlight brochure.

Price Advantage

Instead of high-deductible health plans (HDHP) and downgraded benefits, present a new approach — one that relieves cost pressures, frustrations, and complexities. Offer UHC’s sizable price advantage. Did you know that groups with Anthem or Health Net may save on their Q4 renewal by moving to UnitedHealthcare plans with similar or richer benefits?

An example of UHC’s Q3-2020 savings:

Q3-2020 Region 8 San Mateo County

See how much less UHC’s rates are in your region and statewide:

Flexible Underwriting

Having trouble fitting some of your groups with the Blues? Are clients that no longer meet participation guidelines facing cancellation of coverage? No problem. UnitedHealthcare’s flexible underwriting provides a much needed solution for these groups in California and out-of-state.

California small groups qualify with:

  • 60% participation after generous individual waiver allowances.
  • 1099 contractors enrolling.
  • No DE9C’s for groups with 10+ eligible employees — anytime (not just a promotion).
  • High Kaiser Permanente participation, groups only need five CA employees on UHC and 60% total participation (between both carriers).

As the largest national carrier with the largest provider network, employees in multiple states receive excellent coverage with UHC (different underwriting guidelines apply outside of California, and vary by state).

More Savings

Value Added Member Benefits
Every small group client receives these programs at no additional cost:

  • No fee COBRA, FSA, and POP – provide these no-cost services to clients with 2+ members.
  • Virtual Visits – make it fast and easy for members to stay healthy with virtual visits. Best of all, copays are only $25 or less – a great value! Learn more.
  • Gym Reimbursement – offer savings of up to $240 per member AND per spouse each year. A $480 value!
  • Rally – incentivize good health with this easy-to-use and fun custom wellness app.
  • Member App – give members everything they need to manage their accounts, from billing to virtual member cards.

Specialty Bundling
Offer employers a complete all-in-one benefits package that includes Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, and Long Term Disability, while also delivering savings of $7 PEPM. To simplify administration, there’s one bill, one point of contact, and integrated member tools. Attractive bundling discounts are also available for ACEC engineering groups. Details on UHC’s Packaged Savings® are available here.

ACEC Program
Small groups (2+ members), with a consulting engineer, can qualify for large group benefits and pricing with UnitedHealthcare’s unique ACEC Life/Health Trust Program.

Don’t wait!

Make sure you win or retain the business by being the first to quote UHC — don’t get left behind by leaving the door open for competitors.

New to UnitedHealthcare?
No worries. Claremont’s UHC experts, with over 125 years of combined benefits experience, will provide guidance and support every step of the way. From quoting similar plans to assessing new group eligibility and resolving post-enrollment issues, you can count on us to make the process faster and easier, so you can focus on your business and achieve your goals.

To learn how your groups can benefit by moving to UnitedHealthcare, contact Claremont today.

Questions? Need help?

Contact your Claremont team at 800.696.4543 or We’ll help you make the sale!


*This analysis compares the best selling plan at each metal tier across three major statewide carriers.



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