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Principal Dental – Flexible Options That Cost Less

Principal Dental – Flexible Options That Cost Less

Principal Dental – Flexible Options That Cost Less, Carrier News,

Offer your clients the benefits of a dental PPO plus the premium savings of an EPO at a price that’s lower than a traditional PPO. With Principal’s unique Point of Service (POS) plans, you can deliver all this to California small groups. The employees can visit any dentist and behind the scenes Principal will identify the best contract price (EPO, PPO or OON). With one of the largest networks in the industry and 23% of in-network dentists participating in the EPO program, employees can easily identify options for richer benefits and lower out of pocket costs.

Principal Dental Benefits

  • Contributory participation is now down to 50% on all lines (not for virgin groups).
  • No benefit waiting periods for major or orthodontia services (replacement or new coverage).
  • Fresh calendar year maximum AND deductible carryover credit – some carriers do not offer both.
  • Takeover of rollover amounts, if applicable, included at no charge so employees don’t have to start over.
  • Annual enrollment: allows members to waive coverage and come back on the plan at annual enrollment without late entrant penalties.
  • 99th percentile out-of-network reimbursement available.
  • Optional implant, cosmetic, accident, and TMJ riders are available for groups of 5+ lives.
  • Provisional flexibility: ability to move several procedures and frequency limitations.
  • Strong national network: over 280,000 providers nationally with more than 49,000 providers in California alone.
  • Bundles discount of 5% for 3+ lines of coverage (Principal 401K counts).
  • With one line of core coverage, the group can offer Voluntary Accident and Critical Illness with participation of only 5 lives or 10% participation.

Download the flyer to learn more.

Increase sales by helping your clients recruit and retain the best talent with affordable dental benefits. Get your competitive Principal quote today. 

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