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UnitedHealthcare Q4-2019 Small Group Rates and Updates

UnitedHealthcare Q4-2019 Small Group Rates and Updates

UnitedHealthcare Q4-2019 Small Group Rates and Updates, UnitedHealthcare,

UnitedHealthcare’s Q4 PPO rates for small groups (1-100) will increase an average of 1.5%. Plan benefits, packages, and networks will remain unchanged through December 31, 2019. Rates and updates are listed below.


Rates for October – December 2019 Effective Dates

  • PPO statewide average increase of 1.5%.
  • HMO statewide average increase of 1.0%.

Employer eServices (EeS) will be moving to OptumID (OID) beginning in August to provide a single sign-on user experience. Email notifications, including an invitation and reminders for existing users to create an OID account and connect their EeS ID by October 31, 2019, will be sent to brokers and employers (only those who have an account) in August.

Teledoc® Joins UHC Virtual Visits Network Providers September 1, 2019

  • Teladoc® will support a new integrated Virtual Visit experience through using the HealthSafe ID log-in or by visiting
  • AmWell® and Doctor on Demand™ will continue to be available to members through

UnitedHealthcare Motion®
Physical activity can help members earn health savings account (HSA) credits, reduce healthcare costs and boost well-being with UHC’s Motion incentive program. Available to active members enrolled with an HSA (not available to COBRA, retiree, or AB1401). Download the flyer to learn more.

Dental Benefits Reminder

SmileDirectClub, a dental network provider, offers members a:

  • Free 3D image or at-home impression kit ($0 cost with rebate).
  • Free retainer following completion of their smile journey ($0 cost with a 6-month subscription).
  • Premium teeth whitening ($0 cost).
  • Discount on dental rates for groups with 5 or more employees who add dental coverage (effective September 1, 2019).

Download the flyer to learn more.

Vision Benefits

  • Expanded Diabetes Eye Care: $0 copay for retinal screening photography (RSP).
  • Enhanced Contact Lens Benefit: In addition to the contact lens allowance, UHC offers a separate lens fit and evaluation.
  • Children’s Eye Care Program: Additional eye exam each plan year for members up to age 13, plus a new pair of glasses if their prescription changes in a benefit year.

Underwriting Changes

  • Start-up Companies: UnitedHealthcare (UHC) accepts two weeks of payroll as of April 1, 2019.
  • Kaiser Wrap Guidelines:
    • Offer UHC alongside Kaiser with a minimum of 5 California employees enrolled with UHC.
    • 60% overall participation required.
  • Staff Model:
    • Must have at least 60% participation between the participating carriers with 5 California employees enrolling in UHC.
    • May write alongside two other staff-model carriers. Eligible staff models include Chinese Community Health Plan, Kaiser, MediExcel, Sharp, SIMSA, Sutter, and Western Health.
  • Individual policies (on or off-exchange) are considered valid waivers.
  • 1099 employees are eligible.
  • Most Lenient Out-of-State Guidelines: Do not need 51% to reside in a state.

To learn more, visit the UnitedHealthcare Broker Portal.

2019 Small Business Broker Bonus

California agents* who sell new fully insured Small Group and Key Account groups, located in California, with at least 10 eligible employees and effective dates from February 1, 2019, through January 1, 2020. The maximum bonus for an eligible group is $50,000.

Eligible agents will receive a bonus based on the number of enrolled employees in the eligible medical group. The bonus amounts for Harmony and Canopy Health medical coverages are higher than that of other medical coverages. View an example and get the details.

*Only agents permanently located in California are eligible for the bonus.

Drive sales with UnitedHealthcare’s low-cost plans and valuable free services, including:

  • Free COBRA, FSA, and POP (2+ members)
  • Virtual Visits
  • Gym Membership
  • Rally Wellness App
  • Member Account Management App

Start quoting UnitedHealthcare today!

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