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Webinar: ACA Large Employer Mandate Compliance

Webinar: ACA Large Employer Mandate Compliance

Webinar: ACA Large Employer Mandate Compliance, Healthcare Reform Knowledge Center,

This timely webinar with EaseCentral discusses the Large Employer Mandate requirements and how to ease the compliance burden for employers.

You’ll learn about:

  • Understanding Employer Responsibilities
  • Determining Affordability
  • IRS Reporting Requirements
  • The EaseCentral Technology Solution

View the slides and recorded presentation.

Webinar: ACA Large Employer Mandate Compliance-YouTube Image

Watch The Video


Are you prepared to provide ACA compliance guidance?

97% of employers expect their benefits broker to answer compliance questions and provide guidance, according to a recent Zywave survey. To address these expectations, brokers are required know the Large Employer Mandate (also known as Play or Pay) and how employers will be impacted — which can be complicated. But don’t worry, Claremont provides the resources you need to effectively and efficiently guide your employer groups.

If you’re not yet comfortable with the Large Employer Mandate, download our easy-to-use ‘Play or Pay’ guides filled with actionable tips and helpful examples to advise your clients and grow your business.

To get started with EaseCentral’s ACA solution, simply sign up online.

Contact the small group experts at 800.696.4543 or



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