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Work Perks Job Seekers Really Want

Work Perks Job Seekers Really Want

Work Perks Job Seekers Really Want, Industry News,

For employees, generous paid time off and flexibility matter more than other possible perks — and, in some cases, even money, according to a recent online poll of more than 1,500 working adults conducted by employee benefits provider Unum. These findings and more are included in the infographic below, which breaks down the top non-insurance benefits for U.S. workers across all generations.

Work Perks

While paid time off is at the top of the list, student loan repayment and lifestyle benefits like gym memberships and onsite healthy food options are gaining as most desired work perks.

Today, employees are seeking more work/life balance, whether that’s in traditional paid time off or paid leave benefits.

As wage increases have failed to keep pace with inflation, employers are looking to provide more benefits in different ways. Check out the CNBC article to learn more.

Willis Towers Watson found in their 2019 Best Practices in Health Care Survey that more employers are rethinking benefits to recruit and retain top talent.

Employers Need to Beef Up Benefits
With today’s unemployment rate hitting a low of 3.6%, benefits matter. If workers aren’t getting what they want from their employer, they’ll look for better benefits elsewhere. 41% of workers said they’re likely to look for a new job with better benefits. This number is even higher among Millennials (57%) and Gen Zers (65%).

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