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Covered California for Small Business –
New Blue Shield Plans

Starting July 1, Covered California for Small Business (CCSB) is offering new Blue Shield plans, providing more options for enrollees. These plans include the Access+ HMO Network with Platinum, Gold, and Silver metal tier options, as well as the Bronze Trio HMO 7000/70. The two most popular Blue Shield High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP), Silver Full PPO Savings 2300/25% and Bronze Full PPO Savings 7000 plans, are also now available.

All of these plans offer benefits such as Wellvolution, Teladoc Mental Health, Nurse Help 24/7, LifeReferrals 24/7, and the Blue Card program for when members are outside of California.

For assistance, please contact our Quotes team at or 800.696.4543.

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Beam – 3 Tips for Choosing a Dental Benefits Plan

Beam – 3 Tips for Choosing a Dental Benefits Plan

Beam – 3 Tips for Choosing a Dental Benefits Plan

Jul 7, 2020, 4 Minute Read

To help employers keep dental benefits pricing down and alleviate the financial burden of oral care, it’s best to plan ahead and make sure your clients understand all the options that best fit their needs. Below are some factors for employers to consider.


Dental plans have service classes that dictate how much insurance covers specific procedures. These classes are diagnostic and preventative (e.g., teeth cleanings and X-rays), basic (e.g., fillings and root canals), major (e.g., crowns and dentures), and orthodontic (e.g., braces). Diagnostic and preventative services are often covered in full, meaning there will be no out-of-pocket costs. Major and orthodontic services are typically the most expensive out-of-pocket procedures.

Premiums and deductibles must also be factored in. Typically, the higher the premium, the higher the level of coverage for basic, major, and orthodontic services. A deductible is what is required to pay for dental services before the benefits provider will pay. If the plan also covers employees’ family members, a family deductible will have to be paid.

Dental Needs

What are the employees’ dental needs, as well as those of family members who will be on the plan? Are there children who need braces or play sports that bring a higher risk of mouth injuries? Does anyone have a history of dental issues (e.g., gum disease, tooth sensitivity, cavities) or need major dental work, such as a crown? These circumstances may require a more comprehensive plan with a higher level of coverage for basic, major, and orthodontic services. On the other hand, if good dental health is maintained, a basic plan may be all that is needed.

Plan Limits

After a plan(s) is selected, determine if it will fit your client’s budget and the needs of their employees and their families, and examine any limitations in coverage. Dental plans usually have an annual maximum, which is the most amount of money your insurance will pay in a policy or calendar year. While many people don’t go over the limit, it’s important to factor it in if anyone has ongoing dental issues or needs major procedures like dental implants. Also, consider whether current dentists are in-network or out-of-network. In-network providers are typically more cost-effective to visit, but a plan with a strong MAC or UCR can make out-of-network dentist visits more affordable. Additionally, certain procedures, such as teeth whitening, may not be covered.

While choosing a dental benefits plan is important, it doesn’t have to be difficult. By learning more about the options available and asking questions, it’ll be easy to offer your clients the best plan(s) for their needs.

Valued by both employers and employees, Beam Dental offers:

Plan Options

Beam offers a range of plan options designed to fit the needs of every employer, including:

Plan Highlights

Standard Provisions


Quality Vision Coverage Available Through VSP Vision Care

Beam Perks

Every Beam member receives complimentary Beam Perks. The member welcome kit contains a sonic-powered, smart, electronic toothbrush, custom formulated toothpaste, dental floss, and access to the Beam App and Member Portal.


Beam’s SmartPremiums help groups save up to 15% at renewal. When members use the Beam Brush, the group earns a Beam score. The better the group’s Beam score, the lower the group’s premium at renewal.

Premium reduction occurs at renewal (plan year or calendar year) and is based on the group’s aggregate Beam score, prior year claims data analysis, and changes in dentist reimbursement contracts.

Start quoting Beam today and take advantage of the features, benefits, and savings!

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