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Beam – A Unique Approach to Dental Benefits

Beam – A Unique Approach to Dental Benefits

Beam – A Unique Approach to Dental Benefits, Carrier News,

Valued by both employers and employees, Beam Dental offers:

  • All members a complimentary smart toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and the Beam app through Beam Perks.
  • Easy dental benefits management for employers through the Beam Lighthouse technology platform.
  • Employer savings of up to 15% at renewal, with member dental hygiene, through SmartPremiums.
  • A Member Portal to view plan information, print insurance cards, view claims data, and more.
  • The Beam App for members to view their insurance card, find a dentist, control brush settings, etc.
  • Quality vision coverage through VSP, with frame allowance options up to $250.

Plan Options

Beam offers a range of plan options designed to fit the needs of every employer, including:

  • Smart: 100/80/50 plan: Endo-perio-oral is surgery covered under Major.
  • Plus: 100/80/50. Endo-perio-oral surgery is covered under Basic. Adult/child ortho options come with a $1,500 lifetime max.
  • Select: 100/90/60/50. Up to $2000 annual maximum. Adult/child ortho options are available with a $2,000 lifetime maximum.
  • Ultra: 100/100/80/50. Up to a $5,000 annual maximum. Adult/child ortho is available with a $2,000 lifetime maximum. (Available to groups with 10+ enrolled eligible employees.)

Plan Highlights

  • 90th UCR Out-of-Network (OON) standard, upgradeable to 95th UCR.
  • Dental and vision bundles with VSP.
  • Large Max and Unlimited Ultra plans available.
  • No downgrades on composites.
  • Available for 2+ enrolled eligible employees.
  • Rate cap or 2-year guarantee available on request.
  • Child Ortho at 5+ with 5 enrolling (standard plans) or 10+ for custom plans.

Standard Provisions

  • Annual open enrollment.
  • No waiting periods unless requested.
  • No missing tooth clause.
  • Implants are covered.
  • Occlusal (night) guards.
  • 90th, 95th, MAC options for OON.
  • Composites on posterior teeth covered on all dental plans, porcelain material covered on posterior teeth with no downgrades.
  • Standard 12- month rate lock.


  • A nationwide industry-leading network with 325,000+ access points, comparable to most major dental carriers.
  • Participates in the top nationwide networks such as First Dental Health, DenteMax, Stratose, and Plusnetwork.
  • Provider reports are available upon request.
  • 90th percentile UCR OON standard. 95th percentile UCR OON available as an option.
  • Learn more about the network.

Quality Vision Coverage Available Through VSP Vision Care

  • VSP Choice Network and plans.
  • $150, $175, $200, $250 frame allowance options.
  • Available for 2+ eligible enrolled employees if bundled with dental.
  • Beam handles enrollment, billing, and ongoing account management. VSP handles claims and support.
  • 24-month rate lock.

Beam Perks

Every Beam member receives complimentary Beam Perks. The member welcome kit contains a sonic-powered, smart, electronic toothbrush, custom formulated toothpaste, dental floss, and access to the Beam App and Member Portal.

  • Delivered every 6 months, enrolled members in every plan receive a Beam Perks kit that includes replacement heads and batteries, toothpaste, and dental floss.
  • Beam’s smart toothbrushes sync with the Beam Dental App scoring dental hygiene to help lower the group’s pricing at renewal.


Beam’s SmartPremiums help groups save up to 15% at renewal. When members use the Beam Brush, the group earns a Beam score. The better the group’s Beam score, the lower the group’s premium at renewal.

Premium reduction occurs at renewal (plan year or calendar year) and is based on the group’s aggregate Beam score, prior year claims data analysis, and changes in dentist reimbursement contracts.

Start quoting Beam today and take advantage of the features, benefits, and savings!

Contact our small group experts at 800.696.4543 or



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