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Blue Shield - New Virtual Blue Plans

The Virtual Blue plans give members (small and large groups) the choice of virtual or in-person care. Virtual care includes $0 unlimited visits to primary care, behavioral health and specialty care through a new partnership with AccoladeCare. In-person care is available through the Tandem PPO network in California and via BlueCard when outside of the state.

The two Virtual Blue small group plans available in PRISM are the Virtual Blue Gold Tandem PPO 1500/45 and Virtual Blue Bronze Tandem PPO 7500/75. These can be identified by ‘Virtual Blue’ in the plan name.

When using the PRISM filter options for Narrow or Broad networks, select ‘All’ networks instead of ‘Broad’ only networks to generate plans for Blue Shield’s Virtual Blue, Trio HMO, and Tandem PPO plans.

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BRI – 5 Reasons Why HSAs Are Hot

BRI – 5 Reasons Why HSAs Are Hot

BRI – 5 Reasons Why HSAs Are Hot

Feb 16, 2021, 3 Minute Read

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are the hot new accessory in the benefits world these days and here are five reasons why you may want to consider offering them to your employer groups.

1. Funds Are Kept Forever

The funds contributed to an HSA are kept year over year through the employee’s tenure. And the funds are kept into retirement and stay with the employee even when they switch employers. No matter where someone is in their career, or in life, their Health Savings Account will remain with them.

2. Funds Can Be Nurtured

Some people choose to treat their HSA like they would a retirement account: they put money in, invest that money, and leave it untouched until they retire.

By implementing an investment strategy, HSA funds can grow over time. What’s more, contributions made to an HSA are made before taxes are applied. They also grow tax-deferred while providing a reliable source of funds to turn to for both emergency and everyday medical expenses. A win-win!

3. Funds Can Be Used For Anything

HSAs and 401(k)s pair well together and have similar functionality. HSAs have an extra degree of flexibility in accessing the funds when it comes to eligible expenses.

4. Skip The Substantiation

With FSAs and HRAs, claims need to be substantiated by the plan administrator. This means submitting supporting documentation within a specific time frame with consequences, such as deactivation of your debit card, if this process isn’t completed on time according to IRS rules and regulations.

HSA expenses still need to be eligible, however, HSAs are a self-substantiation process. Self-Substantiation is basically adhering to the Honor Code. HSA funds used for eligible expenses don’t require proof unless there’s an audit.  So while it’s still a good idea to keep itemized receipts, they can be kept filed away.

To avoid the shoebox full of old receipts, take pictures of receipts with a smartphone! Expensify, a receipt specific app, will help keep everything organized. Adobe Scan can be used as a document scanner. Just scan and send those digitally preserved receipts to a computer for future access.

5. Earn Bragging Rights

According to the 2020 Midyear Devenir HSA Market Survey, there were over 29 million Health Savings Accounts as of July 2020. The key findings included:

The increasing popularity of HSAs isn’t slowing down any time soon. To learn more, visit Benefit Resource Inc.

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