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Employer contribution entered in Dental Contribution under Group Information affects the Delta Dental plans and rates returned. Please be aware that Delta Dental will require groups with 100% employer contribution to have 100% participation.

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Does the benefit for group life insurance always decline as the subscriber ages?

No. Most group life insurance plans start reducing the benefit according to an age-reduction schedule, however, MetLife’s voluntary life plan does not. A little nugget that may be helpful for you to discuss with your clients.

Typically, the benefit for group life insurance (both employer-sponsored and voluntary) declines starting at age 65. Below is the average reduction schedule for the most common group plans (the reduction is expressed as a percentage of the original benefit amount):

Age                       Benefit Reduction

65                                     30%

70                                     55%

75                                     75%

Retirement                       100%

As you can see, starting at age 65, the benefit declines dramatically. For example, a basic life policy with a $50,000 benefit will decline to $35,000 at age 65 and will only pay $12,500 by age 75.

On the other hand, the benefit amount of MetLife’s voluntary life insurance plan does not decline as the subscriber ages. A $50,000 benefit established at age 60, stays at $50,000. In addition, the plan:

  • Is portable (the employee can continue the plan as an individual even after termination, voluntary or involuntary, from the employer).
  • Is convertible into a whole or universal policy.
  • Benefits can be increased (to certain levels) without submitting a statement of health.
  • Is bundled with no-cost services such as will preparation and estate resolution.

As with most ancillary coverage, terms are flexible if you are willing to pay. Carriers will allow the contract owner to “buy out” the age reduction schedule by paying more in premium. This is true of most plans, including MetLife’s employer-sponsored plans, but the beauty of MetLife’s voluntary life plan is that there is no cost for eliminating the age reduction schedule.