With the annual inflation rate at 8.6% for the 12 months ending May 2022, businesses of every size are feeling squeezed. Thankfully, Delta Dental’s Small Business Program (SBP) plans make it easy for your clients to help protect employees’ smiles and save money.

The Delta Dental Small Business Program

For groups with two to 99 employees, the SBP offers a wide variety of plans and options, all with comprehensive coverage and easy access to quality care at competitive rates. These plans are designed to be flexible so that your clients can choose the options that make the most sense for their business and budget.

Coverage Options

SBP dental plans feature a three-tier structure (Deluxe, Advantage, and Core) to meet your clients’ needs regardless of budget. Delta Dental PPO™ and DeltaCare® USA plans are available at each tier. And employers can stretch their dollars even further while increasing employee satisfaction with Dual Choice and Core/Buy-Up plans.

If your clients are looking for more, they can pair their Delta Dental plan with a DeltaVision plan (only plans administered by Allied Administrators are eligible for DeltaVision pairings). There are also options with Delta Dental PPO plans for voluntary benefits, where employees pay anywhere from 50% to all of the premiums.

Delta Dental PPO

With Delta Dental’s PPO plans, enrollees get the most choice. They can visit any dentist, but they’ll save the most with a PPO network dentist. Your groups can choose from a range of plan designs with different coinsurance levels and available options to fit their needs. PPO plans offer industry-leading network savings for enrollees backed by the nation’s largest dentist network.

DeltaCare USA

The copay HMO-type plans offer comprehensive coverage including orthodontics, teeth whitening, and more, but with a lower monthly price. These plans have set all-inclusive co-payments, no waiting period, no annual deductibles and no maximums for covered benefits. Enrollees have no surprise out-of-pocket costs or unexpected fees when they visit their selected primary care network dentist.

Dual Choice and Core/Buy-Up Plans

Delta Dental offers several choices to help both employers and employees manage their costs and control their expenses while increasing employee satisfaction. Each plan allows your clients to offer their employees a choice of two plan designs. Your clients can choose the plan design that best suits their needs and decide their level of contribution. Their employees can choose the plan that best meets their family’s dental needs. Groups can offer side-by-side:

  • Dual choice: Build your own plan. Choose any one PPO plan and any one DeltaCare USA plan.
  • Dual choice 2: Matching premiums. Offer two same-priced plans with differing coverage, so employees can decide what works best for them; a PPO plan with higher coverage or a PPO Plus Premier plan with greater dentist choice.
  • Dual choice 3: Differing premiums. Offer both a high and a low PPO plan with different prices and coverage amounts, so employees can decide what works best for them: more coverage at a higher price or less coverage for a lower price.
  • Core/Buy-Up. Your clients have a way to control costs with a set contribution, while still giving their employees the option to purchase more coverage.

Download the Delta Dental Small Business Program brochure for details. And explore Delta Dental’s SBP plan comparison.

Why employers should offer dental coverage when budgets are tight:

  • Dental benefits can help your clients save money over the long run.
  • Providing dental coverage can improve employees’ overall wellness. Poor oral health has been linked to severe health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.
  • Employees without coverage may avoid going to the dentist or delay care because of the cost, which can result in more severe dental issues, costly care, and more time off work. In contrast, employees with dental coverage are more likely to visit the dentist and maintain a higher level of health and wellness.
  • More than $45 billion in productivity is lost each year due to dental issues, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • 88% of employees say that they consider health, dental, and vision benefits when they choose a job.

With Delta Dental’s SBP plans, your clients can help their employees stay healthy — and save money!

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