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Covered California for Small Business –
New Blue Shield Plans

Starting July 1, Covered California for Small Business (CCSB) is offering new Blue Shield plans, providing more options for enrollees. These plans include the Access+ HMO Network with Platinum, Gold, and Silver metal tier options, as well as the Bronze Trio HMO 7000/70. The two most popular Blue Shield High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP), Silver Full PPO Savings 2300/25% and Bronze Full PPO Savings 7000 plans, are also now available.

All of these plans offer benefits such as Wellvolution, Teladoc Mental Health, Nurse Help 24/7, LifeReferrals 24/7, and the Blue Card program for when members are outside of California.

For assistance, please contact our Quotes team at or 800.696.4543.

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eQuote to Enrollment Questions

eQuote to Enrollment Questions

Reduce your workload and win new business with our efficient, no-cost and convenient eQuote-to-Enrollment service that seamlessly integrates online quoting, benefits administration, and enrollment. View additional FAQ topics.

Can I use Claremont’s eQuote-to-Enrollment service to manage changes during the plan year?

You can. Your client’s employees can make normal, qualified changes (add dependents, change address, etc.) by accessing their benefits portal in Ease (which is offered through your own account or Claremont’s – at no cost to you by the way). Ease can be configured to notify you, the group’s administrative contact or Claremont (or all three) that a change has been made. Then, depending on your arrangement with the client, one of the three can submit that change to the carrier just like normal. Or, in the case of Principal, which has just launched a direct link with Ease for ongoing administration, during-the-plan-year changes can be configured to transmit directly from Ease to Principal with no need for the group administrator, the broker or the general agent to get involved.

I started building a group in EaseCentral and would like Claremont to assist with the rest of the process and submit the group to the carrier. Can I do that?

Yes, you can grant Claremont access. EaseCentral calls it “Assistant Access.” It allows Claremont to handle most of the process. EaseCentral has developed this helpful guide that shows you exactly how to set up assistant access. When you are ready, please contact us and we will provide you with the Claremont contact information to give to EaseCentral.

Can employees enroll in ancillary coverage online through e-Quote-to-Enrollment?

Yes. We can make ancillary plans available to employees during the enrollment process. The information we need for those is specified in our Intake Form.

Is there a minimum or maximum group size required for eQuote-to-Enrollment service?

There is no group size minimum or limit. We are pleased to provide eQuote-to-Enrollment services for any group sold through Claremont.

Can you set up a group if some information is on other documents and not on the eQuote-to-Enrollment Intake Form?

Absolutely. The Intake Form is a convenient document on which to put all the information we need in order to set up a group. However, if the information we need (marked in red in the Intake Form) is in other documents, feel free to send those to us and we’ll capture what we need. Keep in mind, this may add time to the process of setting up a new group for online enrollment.

Can I eliminate paperwork with the eQuote-to-Enrollment process?

You can. Send us a completed Intake Form along with electronic versions of the typical supporting documentation (master group application, DE9c, corporate and other documents).

What is the timeframe to set up a group and have it ready for enrollment?

We can set up a group and have it ready for enrollment within 2 business days of receiving our completed Intake Form. The group will then be ready to start their open enrollment. If the situation is extremely time-critical, we can work on even less time, so long as we have the information we need and it is not a complicated case.

I have a subscription to a quote service, can I use it and send you the information you need to provide eQuote-to-Enrollment?

Yes, you can quote a group using any quote service and once you and the employer have decided which plans to offer, just send our completed Intake Form and we can set the group up in EaseCentral and proceed with the enrollment.

Can I use eQuote-to-Enrollment for renewals as well as new business?

Absolutely. You and your clients can realize the same benefits for a renewal as you can with new group quoting and enrollment.

Do I need a subscription to a quote service in order to benefit from Claremont’s eQuote-to-Enrollment service?

Good news — you do not need your own quote service subscription. We offer two options:

  • Full-Service — Our full-service quote and proposal service allows you to present professional-looking proposals to your clients and even modify them interactively in real-time together with the client or separately.
  • Self-Service – with Claremont’s PRISM service, you can run quotes and produce proposals, and build a library of client proposals.

Proposals created using either of our no-cost services integrate seamlessly with our eQuote-to-Enrollment service for fast setup of groups, benefits, and employees in our benefits administration system.

Are there situations where using the eQuote-to-Enrollment service does not make sense?

There are a few scenarios where it makes sense to go “old school:”

  • If you or your client prefer to transact on paper.
  • If you or your client are not comfortable with enrollment information being stored online during the application process (even though the firms we partner with maintain high data security).
  • If the employer’s contribution strategy is complicated.
  • If there are many company locations each with a unique benefits offering.

In these situations, it may be best to work with Claremont through a more traditional application process.

Does Claremont charge for the eQuote-to-Enrollment service?

Good news — we do not charge for eQuote-to-Enrollment. If you don’t already subscribe to a quote or benefits administration service and want to establish your own account, there is a cost, but you don’t need to have your own subscription to those services to benefit from eQuote-to-Enrollment, which is no cost to you.

I have a client that’s ready to complete applications and would like to use your service, what do I do?

Complete our eQuote-to-Enrollment Intake Form to give us the information needed to create your group in EaseCentral and set them up for open enrollment. The Intake Form includes instructions for completing and sending it to us. If you have any questions about the form, don’t hesitate to contact our eQuote-to-Enrollment team at or 925.296.8800.

I have a client or prospect and want to use your eQuote-to-Enrollment service. How do I start?

Simply complete the very short form on this page and we will contact you. Or just let your Claremont sales manager know and they will help get you started.

What will the EaseCentral enrollment process look like for my client?

This Employee User Guide provides a step by step guide to the enrollment process using EaseCentral.

I have an EaseCentral subscription, how can I work with you?

Once you grant us access to the group as an “Assistant” (instructions), we can work with you to whatever extent you’d like. For example, we can help: set up the group, push the Welcome email, monitor enrollment progress and submit enrollment to the carrier.

Do I need a subscription to EaseCentral in order to benefit from Claremont’s eQuote-to-Enrollment Service?

Good news — you do not need your own EaseCentral subscription. We can set up your groups in EaseCentral and grant you access to them. You’ll be able to perform most “admin” tasks and can monitor your client’s enrollment progress. We provide this service at no cost to you.

If you have any questions that we haven't covered yet, we'd love to hear from you. Please click the button below and complete the form. A member of our team will be in touch.

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Not finding what you're looking for?
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