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Blue Shield - New Virtual Blue Plans

The Virtual Blue plans give members (small and large groups) the choice of virtual or in-person care. Virtual care includes $0 unlimited visits to primary care, behavioral health and specialty care through a new partnership with AccoladeCare. In-person care is available through the Tandem PPO network in California and via BlueCard when outside of the state.

The two Virtual Blue small group plans available in PRISM are the Virtual Blue Gold Tandem PPO 1500/45 and Virtual Blue Bronze Tandem PPO 7500/75. These can be identified by ‘Virtual Blue’ in the plan name.

When using the PRISM filter options for Narrow or Broad networks, select ‘All’ networks instead of ‘Broad’ only networks to generate plans for Blue Shield’s Virtual Blue, Trio HMO, and Tandem PPO plans.

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First Time Coverage – COVID’s Hot New Market Segment

Debut Coverage Program

While COVID has dramatically transformed the lives and businesses of employers across the state, not everything has been grim. Since the pandemic began, we’ve seen:

  • A dramatic uptick in new, start-up businesses.
  • The creation of entire new industries stemming from pandemic demands.
  • More companies offering a robust benefits package resulting from a tightened job market and a need to recruit and retain skilled employees.
  • Increased employee demand for employer-sponsored healthcare.

What This Means for California Brokers

New business opportunities! Claremont has a special program for employers new to offering group health insurance. It’s called our Debut Coverage Program. When you partner with Claremont, we’ll give you all the tools and resources necessary to identify, evaluate and qualify these employer groups, improve your close ratio, and minimize your time spent with non-buyers.

Identifying The First Time Coverage Market

Business Stats

Qualifying Employers for Our Debut Coverage Program

When you sell to an employer who is not offering employee benefits, you need to:

  • Educate them on the basics of how the small group (1-100) market works – like minimum contribution, plan types, and metal tiers.
  • Understand their coverage needs.
  • Determine if the business will qualify for the coverage they desire.
  • Assess if they’re ready and willing to buy benefits.

Claremont will help you turn that minefield into a goldmine.

Debut Coverage Program Simplified

When you partner with Claremont, we’ll:

  • Provide prospecting and educational tools targeted to businesses without medical benefits.
  • Pre-assess and pre-qualify prospects for small group benefits.
  • Identify best-fit carrier options.
  • Assign expert underwriters to ensure a smooth application process.
  • Teach employers and employees how to use benefits, stay compliant, and process administrative changes.

To start cashing in on the booming first time coverage market, contact The Answer Team today at 800.696.4543 or


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