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MetLife Simply Smart Bundles

MetLife Simply Smart Bundles

MetLife Simply Smart Bundles, Carrier News,

Easily design and offer multi-product Simply Smart℠ Bundles based on your clients’ needs and local market demands.

Groups with 10-99 employees that offer Dental coverage and add Vision, Life, Disability or MetLaw® can benefit from these exclusive value-adds:

  • Dental Rate Certainty. Choose a 2-year rate guarantee or a 6%/6% year one and two rate cap.
  • Multi-Year Rate Guarantees. 3-year rate guarantees on Life, Disability and Vision available.
  • Guaranteed Issue. Up to $100,000 offered on Supplemental Life insurance.
  • Access to MetLaw. Convenient, full-service access to attorneys at a competitive monthly rate. No minimum participation requirements.
  • Multi-Product Advantage*. Qualifying bundles of 3+ products earn additional one-time broker compensation.
  • Simple Case Set-Up. Web-based implementation featuring pre-populated data, consolidated forms, and e-signatures.
  • Employee Participation Drivers. Easy-to-share links to educational videos to help drive employee engagement.

To learn more, visit the MetLife Simply Smart℠ Bundles web page.

Contact your Claremont team at 800.696.4543 or

*Excludes business written through PEOs, trust, private or public exchanges or associations where there is one master contract and MetLife does not underwrite at the employer level. MetLife will annualize the premium eligible for payment based upon the generation of the first three bills. Additional broker compensation for customers sold through a General Agent or Third Party Administrator is payable to the Broker only.




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