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TASC Emergency Response Benefits

TASC Emergency Response Benefits

TASC Emergency Response Benefits, Carrier News,

Employers can help employees with unexpected expenses that incur during times of need or in response to a changing workplace with TASC’s Emergency Response Benefits such as:

  • Emergency Expense Reimbursement Account
    Covers unforeseen expenses during an emergency, such as medical expenses, medical testing, and treatments, as well as dependent care costs.
  • Emergency Expense HRA
    Reimburses all 213(d) medical expenses resulting from a public healthcare crisis, including additional co-pays, prescriptions, and other out-of-pocket costs.
  • Emergency Loan Account
    Generates interest-free loans that are repaid via payroll deduction.
  • Employee Crisis Fund Account
    Provides grants to qualified employees facing financial hardship from a personal, regional, or national crisis. This employer-funded account may accept employee contributions.
  • Back-Up Care Reimbursement Account
    Helps pay for unexpected dependent care costs when regular care is unavailable.
  • Home Office Account
    Reimburses the cost of qualified home office equipment and office supplies to sufficiently equip a home office or workstation.

Each of these tailored account options is employer-funded and employer-designated. Employers can set their own terms and conditions in the plan design for employees. Offering these benefit accounts provides an additional way for employers to assist their employees during trying times.

TASC is making these accounts available at no cost to current clients on their Universal Benefit Account for the remainder of 2020. Learn more.

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