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Top 20 Lowest Cost Medical Plans – Small Group (1-100)

Top 20 Lowest Cost Medical Plans – Small Group (1-100)

Top 20 Lowest Cost Medical Plans – Small Group (1-100), Market Insights,

Addressing employers’ cost-containment concerns and offering high-quality benefit plans tailored to their needs is simple with our quarterly Top 20 Reports.


  • Two separate reports — Broad Network Plans and Narrow Network Plans, for “apples-to-apples” comparisons.
  • Streamlined format — all four metal tiers for each rating region are on the same page, for a quick view of plans in each region.

Our Top 20 Reports Will Help You:

  • Quickly and easily identify the lowest cost medical plans in each network.
  • Efficiently compare the plans by cost, metal tier, and rating region, statewide.
  • ‘Shop the market’ without a quote engine.
  • Qualify a prospect’s ability to purchase coverage by quickly estimating the lowest cost plans available in their region.

Deliver value by offering the most economical plans to your price-conscious clients, and use our powerful Top 20 Report as a prospecting tool – if your prospect cannot afford 50% of the lowest cost plan for enrolling employees, then it’s clear they can’t afford to offer coverage.

Get Our Q4-2019 Broad and Narrow Network Plan Reports Now!
To download these must-have reports, simply submit the form on this page.

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