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UnitedHealthcare Specialty Benefits Premium Relief for Employers

UnitedHealthcare Specialty Benefits Premium Relief for Employers

UnitedHealthcare Specialty Benefits Premium Relief for Employers, Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates,

To support employers, members and providers during the COVID-19 pandemic, UnitedHealthcare Specialty Benefits is providing the following:

For Employers

  • Extension of COVID-19 renewal program. A rate pass is being offered for groups (2-499 employees) with renewal dates between May 1, and December 31, 2020, on specialty lines of coverage – dental, vision, life, disability, and supplemental health* plans. (A rate pass through September 30 had previously been announced.)
  • Reduction in dental premium. A 50%, 1-month dental premium reduction in July that will be reflected on June invoices.

For Providers

  • Enhanced reimbursement rates for dental care providers. In-network dentists enrolled in electronic payments will receive increases between $5 and $10 for certain services related to routine exams, emergency services, and initial evaluations for children and adults. UnitedHealthcare dental contracted providers may be eligible to gain access to a portion of UnitedHealthcare dental’s $10 million COVID-19 relief package.**

For Members

  • UHC dental. Provides access to at-home telephone and video consultations with their own dentist, another local dentist with availability or a primary care physician.
    The resource is available at no member cost-sharing (i.e., waived deductible and copay) or extra cost for members enrolled in our fully insured employer-sponsored dental plans until July 24, 2020.
  • UHC vision. In addition to the ability to conduct a telehealth visit with a network vision provider, members enrolled in UHC employer-sponsored vision plans now have network access to, offering one of the largest online collections of eyewear, with free shipping and returns. Members continue to have in-store and on-line access to Warby Parker® products and services.
  • UHC hearing. UHC hearing has always offered home delivery. UHC can deliver fully programmed hearing aids (RELATE Basic only) directly to a member’s home. In response to the challenges of fitting hearing aids during COVID-19, UHC hearing has entered into an arrangement with 1DOCWAY to use a fully compliant video conferencing platform for these appointments.
  • Member tips. To help make the most of specialty benefits from home.

To learn more, download the UnitedHealth Group’s COVID-19 Response.

* Supplemental Health (critical illness, accident, hospital indemnity) available for groups of 51+ employees.
**Enhanced rates available until program funding is exhausted and may not be available in all states or for all dental plans.


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