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Vision Benefits – Increasingly Wanted by Both Employers and Employees

Vision Benefits – Increasingly Wanted by Both Employers and Employees

Apr 4, 2022, < 1 Minute Read

Employers are increasingly looking for vision benefits to be included in the benefits programs they offer to their employees.

According to the newly released 2021 Transitions Opticals Workplace Wellness survey, employees are reporting more digital eyestrain as a result of increased screen time driven by new work routines and habits developed during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, employees have become more concerned about their eye health and are looking more towards eyewear than making adjustments to their electronic devices to help alleviate their eyestrain symptoms.

On average, employees usually take more than three breaks a day to rest their eyes and assuage headaches. And according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, severe headaches can cause a loss in productivity of 3.5 hours of work per week. In fact, every year, employee headaches result in $17 billion in absenteeism, lost productivity and medical costs per the National Headache Foundation.

There’s also increasing awareness by both employers and employees of the wider benefits of regular eye care. A comprehensive eye exam can detect numerous unexpected health conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, cancer, multiple sclerosis, thyroid disease and more, which can lead to early diagnosis and less-expensive treatment for employees.

Vision benefits are an excellent option for employers looking to strengthen their benefits programs and improve employee productivity and wellness. Offer your employer groups exceptional vision benefits through VSP, EyeMed and MES from our high-quality carrier partners.

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