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Covered California for Small Business –
New Blue Shield Plans

Starting July 1, Covered California for Small Business (CCSB) is offering new Blue Shield plans, providing more options for enrollees. These plans include the Access+ HMO Network with Platinum, Gold, and Silver metal tier options, as well as the Bronze Trio HMO 7000/70. The two most popular Blue Shield High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP), Silver Full PPO Savings 2300/25% and Bronze Full PPO Savings 7000 plans, are also now available.

All of these plans offer benefits such as Wellvolution, Teladoc Mental Health, Nurse Help 24/7, LifeReferrals 24/7, and the Blue Card program for when members are outside of California.

For assistance, please contact our Quotes team at or 800.696.4543.

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LinkedIn Social Selling Tips: Finding Your Ideal Clients

LinkedIn Social Selling Tips: Finding Your Ideal Clients

Apr 4, 2023, 3 Minute Read

As the leading social platform focused on business and professional networking, LinkedIn (830 million users) is one of the top places to reach decision makers, influencers, and practitioners. In fact, B2B blogs and websites receive most of their social media traffic from LinkedIn, according to a 2022 LinkedIn study. 43% attribute their sales to LinkedIn, Facebook followed at 24%, and Twitter at 20%.

If your prospects are active on LinkedIn, chances are they’re talking about the issues you can solve. So, if you can find them, reaching out becomes easier because you know they are more likely to be open to your solutions.

To start building an organic audience that will later convert to clients, follow the tips below.

Find Prospects by Borrowing Your Competitor’s LinkedIn Audience

  1. In the Search field, search for your target persona. Example: “CEO.” Make sure the left green tab says “People.”
    LinkedIn Social Selling Tips - Rent Your Competitor's Audience
    Alternate between boolean searches (hard searches) and inclusive (broad) queries without quote marks. Example: “CEO.”
    Boolean and Inclusive Searches
  2. Click “All filters.”
    LinkedIn Social Selling Tips - Rent Your Competitor's Audience
  3. Then in the “Followers of” field, insert your competitor’s name.
    LinkedIn Social Selling Tips - Rent Your Competitor's Audience
  4. Click “Show Results.”
    LinkedIn Social Selling Tips - Rent Your Competitor's Audience

Now you have a list of potential prospects who follow your competitor(s). Make sure to remove any employees or founders from the followers list. LinkedIn doesn’t have an export feature, but you can use a third party app like

Find Prospects by Going Through Your Competitor’s Networks

LinkedIn member’s networks are searchable (if they haven’t opted to hide them).

  1. From your competitor’s profile page, select the blue type that shows their connections.Social Selling Tips - LinkedIn Competitor's Connections
  2. Browse your competitor’s connection list.
    Social Selling Tips - LinkedIn Competitor's Connections
  3. Use the LinkedIn search filters to save time.
  4. To prevent your competitors from doing the same, change your connection visibility settings by clicking the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn home page. Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown. Click Visibility on the left sidebar and select Visibility of your profile & network. Next to Connections, click the arrow to change the setting to Off.

Before requesting connections and reaching out to any prospects, use our profile optimization framework to Turn Your Profile Into a Business Growth Machine.

For more playbooks on how to find prospects and acquire clients through LinkedIn, check out our upcoming articles on LinkedIn Social Selling Tips.


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