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Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

As the small group market becomes more standardized, a broker’s ability to differentiate themselves and sell value becomes more challenging. Gaining actionable intelligence about the market to generate more opportunities and better serve your clients requires you to gather data from multiple sources and sift through volumes of information to find something of value. Sounds expensive and time-consuming, right?

Claremont offers Market Intelligent Services that leverage our team’s deep industry expertise to analyze industry-wide data sources and provide timely and concise market-leading knowledge to our broker partners. We will help you identify and apply actionable insights to your business and your clients, gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our Regular Market Intelligence Services Include:

In addition to providing exclusive insights, analyses, and resources to support your sales and service efforts, we also keep you current on industry news, trends, Healthcare Reform, and how changes may impact you and your clients in the California small group market. To find out more, click on the links above.

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